Information technology and selling.


The IT sector is changing fast. From problems around the Windows operating system’s to the fierce competition from like’s of Amazon, Argos, Tesco’s, PC world and other large retailers, it’s proven more difficult for the smaller retailers to compete against these titans. Not to mention DELL, Hewlett Packard, Toshiba, Lenovo and so on changing their prices monthly, it’s hard to keep a tender pending longer enough – depending on when the tender was put together – to enable their sales teams to close the deal as these Hardware companies are moving the goal posts around price.  Too many smaller IT companies make the common mistake of competing instead of positioning themselves against their competition. Another common mistake is not having a SOLID business strategy in place to attract new clients and have systems in place whereby their sales teams can execute sales easily and deliver VALUE to their end users…

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Can we keep social spaces social in a networked world?

Julian Stodd's Learning Blog

Some moves in France this week to legislate that employees turn off their smartphones and work email at 6pm. It’s a move intended to give protection from the creeping erosion of the divide between social and formal spaces: the urge to check those messages one last time before dinner, before bed. Whilst we may believe the freedom lies with the individual to maintain separation between work and social lives, the realities and pressures are very different: just last week i was out for dinner with two friends in Singapore, both of whom had to leave the meal to deal with urgent calls and messages.

The realities of life in a global business or an unfair intrusion into their social space?

Keeping social spaces social It’s hard to maintain differentiation between formal and social spaces these days: the lines are blurred, but is legislation the answer?

Sure, we have an individual responsibility to…

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Getting Referrals


All good salesmen follow the sound strategy of getting referrals from all of their satisfied customers. This makes perfect sense. A happy client is a good source of other possible clients, mostly people like himself or herself.

There’s no reason why this strategy cannot be applied for your online business, with slight adjustments.
Let’s say that your online store sells coffee and tea from all parts of the globe. You have a number of customers who order from you regularly. These coffee or tea lovers are almost certain to have friends and relatives who share their passion.

If you could get a list of these friends and relatives, you almost certainly assure yourself of future customers. And why not? You can drop the name of your satisfied client whom the possible client knows. They may or may not check if you are indeed who you say you are, a reliable…

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Hold a Contest


One of the most effective marketing tools that can be used by online stores as well brick and mortar stores is to hold a contest.

In fact, given that online stores are easier to operate, contests are actually easier to hold. Less work is involved, and more importantly less money will be spent.

If the online store retails or wholesales consumer goods, the best approach is to have a contest that requires a purchase within a fixed time frame.

As an example, buyers of select goods can be asked a simple question. The best answer gets his or her pick of what to receive. If a site sells magazine subscriptions, anyone who gets a subscription during the duration of the contest can be asked a simple current events question. The winner has the choice of three months free subscription to the publication of his choice, or perhaps a hard cover…

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A Formula for Selling More

SEO Blog Canada

Among salesmen, there is one cardinal rule that must be followed if they are to make substantial income. That rule goes thus: the more you see, the more you sell.

Specifically, the more sales calls they make, the greater the chances of selling a lot of whatever it is that they sell – whether it be Business products, cars or airplanes. It doesn’t matter. The rule works.

A slight variation of this tried-and-tested rule should work. The rule for online stores goes thus: the more you’re seen, the more you sell.

Being highly visible is what online stores need, and there are dozens of ways they can achieve this. One way is to tap social network sites like Facebook and Twitter. The only problem with this is that everyone else is doing it. Combine your social media efforts with search engine marketing.

Optimize your content – whether it be custom…

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The Best Habits For a Sales Person

Samuel Striker Sales Blog

Samuel Striker Sales Habits Flickr CC via Tom Leuntjens Photography

A sales leader and expert, Samuel Striker leads a team of salespeople to success.

Our brains are set up in a way that makes us creatures of habit.  Habits guide much of how we engage the world and often without us even being consciously aware of them. But while habits can be dangerous they can also be used to propel yourself to greater heights in sales, if you form the right ones.

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Which habits should you work at?  Here are some of the best habits for sales professionals:

1. Active Listening

The best sales people know how to engage a potential customer without even saying anything.  They make strong eye contact, demonstrating that they are paying close attention, and use prompters like “go on” to encourage others to continue talking.

And all the while they are…

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Why We Tell Stories

Kait Gets Lit

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about storytelling and my constant need for it as a writer (go figure). I’m in the thick of it writing a new novel, and at times it becomes difficult for me to focus on the real world because my mind often wanders to my story. Being lost in my head makes for a more pleasant subway commute, but at times it must annoy my friends if I stop mid-conversation to scribble notes, not to mention trying to fall asleep at night when all my ideas seem to hit me at once.

I’m still thinking about Rachel Kushner’s The Flamethrowers (the marker of a truly great story–it sticks with you long after you close the book). After a conversation with her ex-lover Ronnie in which the protagonist Reno finally confronts him about their relationship, her relationship with her cheating lover Sandro, and Sandro and Ronnie’s friendship…

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Storytelling for a Greener World

ecology of knowledge

greenerworld Heard the great news today, by way of my invitation to the London launch, that my good friends involved in the Tales to Sustain gatherings I previously attended in 2008 (and again in  2009 ) are about to publish this wonderful book.

Titled ‘Storytelling for a Greener World’ it covers the what, why and how of storytelling and storywork to promote environmental mindfulness and sustainable behaviour in adults and children. Written by 21 cutting-edge professionals in story-based learning and pro-environmental change.

The book shows how to apply this practice, indoors and outdoors, in organisations,NGOs, schools, colleges and communities.
A treasury of over 40 stories, many creative activities and detailed descriptions of inspiring practice for both new and seasoned practitioners. Clearly explains how this practice works, why it is effective and how to adapt the ideas to the reader’s situation.
Powerfully endorsed by leaders in sustainability, conservation, organisation development, drama and…

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